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Photo Gallery - Assembly, Launch & Sea Trials

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Spitfire was assembled at the Fremantle Sailing Club on the 16th & 17th January 2002.

Assembly at night (96.4KB) Assembly (66.0KB) Mast and Rig Assembly (69.5KB)
Hulls and Beams Assembled (71.6KB) Hulls & Beams (90.8KB) Sail (45.5KB)


Spitfire 12's "first kiss" with the water happened 17th January 2002, at Fremantle's Sailing Club.

Launch 1 (96.7KB) Launch 2 (101.3KB) Launch 3 (100.1KB)

First Trip

Spitfire had some success on her first trip. Despite the light winds (only 8-10 knots) and 700kg of crew and equipment, Spitfire achieved enough speed to foil 2 or 3 times, starting to 'take-off' at about 10.2 knots, and reaching a maximum speed of 12.7 knots.

Motoring, Foils Up (106.9KB) Spitfire Motoring (59.4KB) Foil Extension (70.8KB)
Motoring Foils Down (55.2KB) First time sailing (101.0KB) First time on Foils: Looking at port hull, from starboard hull (61.5KB)

Further 'Flights'

In Spitfire's second outing, it foiled consistently - reaching 25 knots in just 14 knots of wind. During its third outing, it reached 30 knots in 18-25 knots of wind (Click to read the story).

Ready to go... (63.7KB) Foiling around 25 knots (80.3KB) Foiling at 20 knots (52.6KB)
Fly-by at 27 knots (74.3KB) Spitfire Banking (79.8KB) Foiling at North Fremantle (Western Australia) (95.8KB)

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