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Spitfire's Construction



  • Fibre-Glass skins with a low density balsa core

  • Bulkheads used 50mm PVC foam core, with a combination of glass and carbon on the skins


  • Two hull halves were constructed in a mould, then glassed together. The laminate was wet out using a vacuum resin infusion process. Resin infusion of each hull half took less than 1 hour.

Hull Mould Hull Mould, Ready for resin infusion

Foils & Rudder


Unidirectional and double bias carbon fibre prepreg was predominantly used for both skins and shear webs. The shear webs were formed over foam and plywood, and bonded between the two skins.

Foil Construction Rudder Box Support Construction
Foil Construction Rudder Box Construction



Forward Beam Profile
  • Low density polystyrene foam formers

  • Carbon fibre skins and webs

  • Stainless Steel Pins connect beams to hull bulkheads


The masts were constructed from carbon fibre, formed over a stainless steel sheet-metal mould. Their length was 12m, but weighed only 45kg each.

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